Behind The Fossil Curtain

Behind The Fossil Curtain

"Let's change the system, not the climate."

In the dismal post-apocalyptic landscape of the coal basin in the northern part of the Czech Republic, through an artistically conceived film, we learn about an environmental movement whose motto is „change the system, not the climate“. Why these ecological activists are being labeled extremists is, for the film director, one of the examples of how the state is creating the enemy, thereby strengthening its own power.

Length: 27, Year: 2018


  • director Vladimír Turner
  • editing Jan Procházka
  • music Martina Vídenová
  • cinematographer Vladimír Turner
  • graphics Ondřej Vlk – Horylesy
  • sound Petr Odstrčil, Vladimír Turner
  • sound mix Matouš Sýs
  • assistant Jan Tranta, Hynek Trojánek
  • colour correction Zora Wilhemová, studio Khapka
  • producer Česká televize, Frontiers Of Solitude, Vladimír Turner
Behind The Fossil Curtain